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About Twitter Premium rate limits and limitations

The Supermetrics Twitter Premium connector includes rate limits, and other limitations, on some of the data it fetches in queries. Each type of limitation is described in detail below.

Rate limits and limitations

3,200 Tweet limit

The Twitter Premium Engagement Totals endpoint has a limitation set for Tweet access. The 3,200 latest Tweets are available, including retweets and replies, even if you opt those out from the results. This includes historical reports.

This means that for very active accounts, you may not get results going all the way back to the limit of 90 days.

Account limitations

Twitter includes limitations on how many accounts can access its data. “Agency accounts” (accounts that can access multiple other accounts) are limited, so that data is only provided for the primary account (the one used for the login).

Several non-agency accounts (one account for the login) can be authenticated one by one, as long as their login emails are different. Using the same login email on several accounts will cause token issues.

API points

To meet Twitter’s requirements, Supermetrics uses API Points to control the amount of unique Tweets any Supermetrics team can query for in under any 30-day period. 

The limit is 1.5 million points, and each Tweet ID queried counts as 1 point used. If you hit the point limitation, you’ll see this error message — "Error: Twitter Premium failure (You do not have enough API points left to complete this query)" — and the query will fail. 

API points refresh after 30 days. Any points used today replenish to the team after 30 days.

Historical data 90-day limit

Twitter Premium sets a 90-day limit on impressions and engagements, and the derived rate metrics of those. This means that you can only get impression/engagement data 90 days back from today. All other metrics are available further back. 

However, we also provide another add-on report type called "Tweet historical", which allows you to get impressions and engagements for Tweets older than 90 days. If you’re interested in adding it, start a conversation with our sales team.

Metrics can't be aggregated over time

The API endpoint in use is called "Current totals", and this means all the metrics reflect the current total.

For this reason, they can’t be divided by time dimensions.

Rate limits

The Engagement totals endpoint (the one used by the Tweet engagements report) sets these rate limits:

  • 250 Tweet IDs per request
  • 60 requests per minute (a connector-wide total)

Supermetrics has a query retry system that tries to mitigate any possible issues arising from these limitations. The query is retried 10 times with an increasing interval — the 6 first tries have 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 seconds in between,  and the last 4 have 60 seconds in between (for a total of 5 minutes 3 seconds). If all attempts fail, Supermetrics will return the “You are being rate limited” error.

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