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How to configure an AlloyDB destination

Use this guide to fill the fields in the configuration view when creating a new AlloyDB destination in Supermetrics.

Before you begin

Make sure you meet all prerequisites for AlloyDB destinations before going ahead.

AlloyDB configuration

The configuration stage of creating a new destination in the Supermetrics Hub includes the following fields.

  1. Display name will be used as the name of this destination within the Supermetrics Hub, to distinguish it from other destinations.
  2. Hostname is the host of the AlloyDB instance you’re going to use as a destination.
  3. Database name refers to the database you’ll connect to.
  4. Database schema is the name of the destination database schema. PostgreSQL provides a default schema — “public” — that you can use instead of creating your own.
    Note that a database schema isn’t equivalent to a schema you’d select when creating a transfer, or a custom schema that you’d create in the Supermetrics Query Manager.
  5. Username refers to your user who has access to the PostgreSQL database hosted on AlloyDB.
  6. Password refers to your PostgreSQL database user password.
    When you’re editing an existing destination, this field will read “New password”. Adding anything into the field will overwrite the previous password.

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