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About limitations in combining LinkedIn Ads dimensions

There are some limitations about what dimensions you can combine in LinkedIn Ads. 

Conversion dimensions only return data for conversion metrics

Using conversion-specific metrics works with conversion dimensions, such as Conversion name and Conversion type. However, if you use other metrics, such as Impressions or Clicks, with the conversion dimensions, they will return empty values.

This is an expected behavior as the other metrics can't be split or attributed to the conversions themselves and aren't supported by the API.

Demographic and ad forms dimensions are not supported in statistics finder

The demographic dimensions (such as Member industry or Member country) and the ad form dimensions are not included in the "Statistics Finder" endpoint, and thus can only be queried alone. See LinkedIn API reference for what is permitted.

If you try to combine demographic or ad forms dimensions with any other dimension type, you'll get an incompatible field error.

Demographic data and campaign data

You can combine demographic data (Member company, Member industry, or Member country) with the Campaign name or ID.

There are some limitations: 

  • You can't combine multiple demographic dimensions into one query.
  • You can't combine demographic dimensions with other dimension types that weren't already supported:
    • Account: supported
    • Campaign group, Creative, Ad form, and Conversion: not supported

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