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About Redshift prerequisites

To start using Redshift as a Supermetrics destination, some requirements need to be met. These prerequisites ensure that a working connection can be set up to successfully transfer data to your Redshift data warehouse.


Database and schema

You need a Redshift cluster, database, and schema in place before you can create a Redshift destination for Supermetrics. Learn more about Redshift in its documentation.


You need an admin user for the cluster, and the password for that user. If you don’t have those credentials, please contact your Redshift admin. 

The required credentials can be found in the Redshift console. Navigate to Clusters →  Properties → Database configurations.

IP allowlisting

You’ll need to allowlist select IP addresses if your organization only allows access from “selected networks”. Add the IP addresses listed here to your cluster’s Inbound Rules in its VPC security group. Don’t forget to include your own IP address.

Navigate to Clusters → Properties → Network and security settings → listed VPC security group → Edit Inbound Rules to add the IP addresses. Don't forget to include your organization's own.

<Your organization's IP address>

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