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About API rate limits in Brevo

The Brevo data source in Supermetrics has rate limits that can affect your queries if you fetch data for a large number of campaigns from your Brevo account.

By default, the Brevo API has a rate limit of 250 requests per hour. When fetching data through Supermetrics, each campaign uses one request from your Brevo account quota. This limits the maximum number of campaigns you can fetch data for per hour. Learn more about the Brevo API rate limits.

If you encounter a rate limit error

You might encounter the following rate limit error message while using the Brevo connector in Supermetrics.

To avoid this issue, try to optimize your queries by limiting the number of campaigns you fetch data for at once to under 200. You can do this by selecting a suitable date range in Supermetrics. This of course depends on how many campaigns you have in your Brevo account.

If you see this error frequently, please get in touch with Brevo directly about increasing your account's API rate limit. Note that Supermetrics can't do this on your behalf. Follow the instructions on Brevo's API rate limit documentation

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