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How to share calculated metrics and segments in Adobe Analytics reports

If you share calculated metrics or segments in Adobe Analytics, you can pull their data into your Supermetrics reports.


Step 1: Share your metrics and segments

Calculated metrics or segments must be shared with the account you use with Supermetrics before you can add them to your reporting.

Read Adobe’s documentation to learn how to share calculated metrics and share segments.

For OAuth Server-to-Server

If you’re using OAuth Server-to-Server to log in, that account is separate from your user account. This means that segments and calculated fields shared with your user account might differ from what's been shared with OAuth Server-to-Server.

To share a segment or calculated field with OAuth Server-to-Server, find the technical account email of your OAuth Server-to-Server in Adobe Developer Console

Then, follow Adobe’s instructions to share segments and share calculated metrics with that user.

Note that when you're sharing the segments and metrics, you need to use the technical account email from the Adobe Developer Console without the @ symbol, as the search results don't contain that symbol. You can use a part of the email to search for the accounts to share the metrics and segments with, or copy the full email and replace the @ symbol with a space before searching.

Step 2: Refresh Supermetrics

Once you’ve shared the segments and fields with the right account, it might take a few minutes for the change to be reflected in Supermetrics. Around 2-5 minutes after you update your sharing settings, refresh your fields to add the new metrics and segments to Supermetrics.


Can’t find segment or calculated field in Supermetrics

If you can’t find a segment or calculated field in Supermetrics, it could be because these elements haven’t been shared with the right account in Adobe Analytics. Follow the instructions above, ensuring that the correct account gets the right sharing settings.

User access error

If you encounter an error reading User does not have access to the requested metric, it’s likely because the metric you’ve selected hasn’t been shared with the product profile the logged-in user belongs to. 

Adobe’s product profiles allow admin users to restrict access to specific report suites, metrics, and dimensions. Learn more about them in Adobe Analytics’ documentation.

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