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How to customize data loaded to your Power BI report

Whenever you save your query on the Supermetrics Hub, the Power BI connector will use all its saved settings when you select the query for preview and load the data to Power BI.

However, you can customize this query in Power BI and even build a new one before choosing to load it to any particular report.


  1. Open the Supermetrics connector in Power BI and select the saved query you want to use as the basis.
  2. The top right area above the preview lists possible changes you can make:
    • You can change the selection of accounts used for this query. The drop-down lists all connections and accounts you have. Make sure to select the accounts that belong to the same connection.
    • You can extend or limit the date range. For example, if the original query fetches only the last 3 months of data, you can select the Year to date option to get a better overview in the report you're building.
    • You can modify the list of metrics fetched for this dataset and the way you split the records. Use these fields to build a completely new dataset from scratch. For example, you want to add creative images to your Facebook Ads campaign performance analysis: simply add the image URL dimension above the query preview.
  3. Click OK to confirm your choice where applicable and click Apply.
  4. Load the modified query to your Power BI report.

If you'd like to filter the data further or use additional options, modify your saved query on the Supermetrics Hub and select from a wide range of advanced settings.

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