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How to optimize Rakuten Advertising queries

Learn how to optimize your queries when using the Rakuten Advertising connector. Optimizing reduces the time to fetch data and speeds up your queries in Supermetrics.

Before following these instructions, familiarize yourself with the overall connection process to Rakuten Advertising.


Optimize your report in Rakuten Advertising

  1. Log in to Rakuten Advertising.
  2. Navigate to Reports, and click Reporting.
  3. Select an existing report, or build a new one.
  4. Adjust your report's settings.
  5. Select only the most important columns you want to fetch data for in Supermetrics. For best performance, select less than 20 columns.
  6. Click Save.
  7. If this is a new report, follow the steps in our connection guide to connect your Rakuten Advertising data to Supermetrics.

Optimize your query in Supermetrics

After connecting your report to Supermetrics, use a shorter date range to further speed up your queries. The shorter the date range, the less data there is to fetch. Shortening the date range makes the query less heavy by reducing the number of rows. 

The exact date range depends on the amount of data on your account, but less than one month is advisable for best performance. 

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