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How to fix “No data found” errors in Looker Studio

If you encounter this message while you’re using Supermetrics in Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio), there are a few steps you can take to solve the problem.

  • No data found (Supermetrics request ID). If the problem persists, report an issue with the connector owner.

Causes and solutions

Comparison date range mismatch

Seeing this error message can often mean that the query has a comparison set for its date range, and that comparison period doesn’t contain any data.

For example, imagine a Supermetrics user who created ads 1 month ago and wants to pull data on them into their Looker Studio report. They create a scorecard and set the default date range to last 28 days, and set the comparison option to "Previous period".

In this case, because the query fetches data for the past two months (date range + comparison range), this means there isn’t a full set of data for the whole period of time. This causes an error.

To fix this, try changing the date range or removing the comparison period.

Source data is missing

In some cases, the account that Supermetrics is pulling from doesn’t contain any data, or doesn’t contain data for the date range specified in the query.

To fix this, check your settings to confirm that you’ve selected the right account, and that it contains data for the query’s date range.

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