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About shared and private connections

In Supermetrics, a connection is a login you use to connect a data source account. Once you've logged in, you can pull data from that platform into your Supermetrics reports.

Connections can be:

  • Shared: All members of your team can use the same data source login
  • Private: Only the person who logged in to the data source can use the connection

This article gives more details on both connection types. Learn how to enable or disable them when you're ready.

A connection's owner is the Supermetrics user who created the connection to the data source.

You can share connections with the other members of your Supermetrics team. Note that to use the shared connection, the team members must be assigned to a license. If you're a single user, you're the only member of your team. Learn how to manage teams and add members to your team.

Shared connections

Shared connections allow you to connect to a data source once and make that connection accessible to anyone on your team who needs access. This means that members of your team won't have to log in using their own credentials. This'll help you improve your team's efficiency and collaboration! 

With a shared connection, your teammates can use that same connection to bring data to any destination. For example, if you have created a query in a Google Sheets report and shared your connection, your teammate can use the same connection for a report in Looker Studio, as the same shared connection is available in all destinations your team has a license for.

Shared connections won't give other team members access to the account anywhere outside Supermetrics — it'll just let them use the account to create and edit queries without logging in.

Shared connection ownership

When you create a query, your data source connection and license are used to fetch data. Whenever anyone else refreshes the query you created, your login credentials will be used to refresh the query. 

If you're a connection owner, you can disconnect the connection or change the connection from shared to private at any time. Learn how to change a connection's sharing settings.

Shared connections in our destinations

All Supermetrics destinations use shared connections to connect to data sources. You can make a connection private in Google Sheets, Looker Studio, and Excel, but connections used in our data warehouse destinations are shared by default.

Learn how to manage shared and private connections in our destinations:

Private connections

A private connection is a data source login that only its owner can use. If anyone else wants to connect data to Supermetrics with this connection, they'll need to log in separately.

Private connections can't be turned to shared by anyone but the connection owner. If a connection is private, a query created using the private connection can't be refreshed by other members of the team.

Making shared connections private

Note that if you have previously shared a connection but make it private later, the queries and data transfers other users have created using that connection will fail. Pay attention to this, especially if you're using our data warehouse destinations  — even though data warehouse connections are shared by default, the connections can be made private in Google Sheets, Excel, and Looker Studio, which will stop the data transfers working in data warehouse destinations as well.

Team roles 

All team members can refresh and disconnect their own connections.

  • Team members with the Owner or Admin role can turn any shared connection back to private, and share their own connection. If they encounter a connection that no longer works and need to replace it, there won't be any interruption in the connection's queries.
  • Team members with the Editor role can share their own connections with the team and make them private.

See the tables for more information.

Manage one's own connections

Team Admin/Owner
Team Editor

View my own connections (private or shared) 


View all shared connections in the team


Share my own connection


Make my own connections private


Reauthenticate my own connections


Replace my own connection


Disconnect my own connection


Restore my own connection


Permanently delete my own connection


Managing team members' connections

Team Admin/Owner
Team Editor

View other team members' shared connections


View other team members' private connections


Share other team members' private connections


Make other team members shared connections private


Reauthenticate other team members' connections


Replace other team members' connections


Disconnect other team members' connections


Restore other team members' connections


Permanently delete other team members' connections


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