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How to load your data to Power BI

Once you've set up the Supermetrics connector for Power BI, it's time to load your data to Power BI.


  1. Open Power BI Desktop.
  2. In the Home ribbon, click Get Data.
  3. Search and select Supermetrics, and click Connect.
  4. If you're connecting to Supermetrics for the first time, you'll see a third-party notice. Select Don't warn me again with this connector if you don't want this message to be displayed again, and click Continue.
  5. Click Sign in to log in to your Supermetrics account.
  6. Use single sign-on (SSO) in the Supermetrics window that appears: click Sign in with Microsoft or Sign in with Google and choose the same account that you use (or plan to use) to sign in to the Supermetrics Hub.
  7. If you're a member of more than one Supermetrics team, select a team.
  8. Once you've signed in, click Continue.
  9. Click Connect.
    Once the Navigator dialog box loads, you'll be able to preview all queries you've saved in your Supermetrics account on the Hub. They're organized by the data source in the folders on the left. 
  10. Select the checkboxes next to any queries with data you'd like to use for your report.
  11. You can modify the account, date range, or metrics used for the current report. Select the option above the preview and click Apply. Make sure you always use accounts from one connection.


I can't see the connector in the list

Make sure that you use the documents folder in disk C, and not the OneDrive folder on your machine. Also check that the path has the exact same spelling. When you update the settings to allow the extension to load, restart the Power BI desktop.

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