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How to fix authentication errors in Supermetrics

This guide will walk you through how to fix authentication errors such as:

  • Authentication failed.  
  • You need to reauthenticate at [data source] and then run the query again.


Step 2: Switch your browser, or log out from your Google Account
  • Authenticate in another browser (for example, switch from Chrome to Firefox).
  • Authenticate in incognito mode.
  • Log out from all Google accounts except for the one account attached to your Supermetrics license.
Step 3: Clear your browser's cache and cookies

Clear your browser's cache and cookies. Follow the instructions for the browser you use with Supermetrics. We’ve included some links to common browser guides here:

Apple Safari / Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox /  Microsoft Internet Explorer /  Microsoft Edge

Step 4: Refresh your account data 

Refresh the data source account list in the Supermetrics Team Site by following these instructions.

Step 5: Check your account’s user role and permissions

Confirm that your account’s user role meets the data source’s access requirements. Refer to our guide to data source access requirements to learn more.

Step 6: Renew the login

Renew the authentication logins (also known as tokens) with the data source you're encountering the error with. Learn how to renew authentication logins.

In-depth troubleshooting

If the error persists, follow these product-specific instructions:

Google Sheets Data Studio Excel 

Refresh your queries

  1. Go to the SupermetricsQueries sheet (if hidden, navigate to Extensions Supermetrics Manage queries.
  2. Find the row(s) for your data source queries, delete the query ID value in that row and then scroll to the far right and delete the value under “Refresh with user account”.

  3. Delete the query ID from the SupermetricsQueries tab on the failing queries.

  4. Click Extensions → Supermetrics Refresh all.

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