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General Data Source Access Requirements

We've compiled below, to the best of our knowledge, what rights and permissions are required for most data sources. This list is not exhaustive but will be updated over time to include all sources we support.

Data SourceAccess Requirements for User AccountOther Notes/References
Adobe AnalyticsValid Adobe ID linked to Experience Cloud and has "Web Service Access" enabled for the account. Also requires explicit access granted to see the report suites, reports, segments, and custom fields.

As the platform's permissions are high customizable and will vary from account to account, you must contact your Adobe system administrator for help enabling all the pieces.
CriteoValid API user with Client ID and Client Secret.Accessing Criteo
Facebook AdsValid Facebook user account with at least "Ad account analyst" access to an ad account.Adding permissions to an ad account in Business Manager
Facebook InsightsValid Facebook user account with either "Administrator" access to a specific page, or if connected with the Business Manager at least "Page editor" access to a page.
Google AdsValid Google account with at least "Read only" access to a Google Ads account or MCC.
Google Ads ManagerValid Google account with at least "Trafficker" role for the account.

API access must be explicitly enabled by the Administrator.

Note that this platform allows for custom roles/access, so you may need to talk to your Administrator for help.
Google AnalyticsValid Google account with at least "Editor" access to a Property and Views underneath.Adding users to Google Analytics accounts
Google Campaign Manager
Valid Google user account with appropriate User Role set for the reporting content they need to see (variable based on what admin set for the role).

May need API access for the account enabled by Google rep or Campaign Manager support team.

Google Display & Video 360Valid Google user account with at least "Read only" user role.Managing user access
Instagram InsightsValid Facebook user account linked to an Instagram account, with same permissions as Facebook Insights above for the Instagram-linked FB page.
LinkedIn AdsValid LinkedIn user account with at least "Viewer" access to an ad account.Granting access to LinkedIn Ads accounts
LinkedIn Company PagesValid LinkedIn user account with designated "Administrator" access.Adding admin access to LinkedIn Pages
Microsoft Advertising
Valid Microsoft user account with at least "Advertiser Campaign Manager" access to an ad account.
Granting access to Microsoft Advertising account
Twitter AdsValid Twitter user account with at least "Campaign analyst" access to an ad account.Details for granting ad account access

Note that some dimensions may require "Ad Manager" or higher access to see.

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