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About data source permissions and access requirements

Supermetrics needs your permission to extract the data for your reporting. Each of the data sources that we connect to has requirements that your account needs to meet before it can grant Supermetrics the right permissions.

Remember that you don't have to use Google or Microsoft account that you use with Supermetrics when you log in to a data source account. Log in to each data source with whichever account has the right access and permissions for the queries you want to run.

Review the table below to learn more about the account requirements for many of our data sources.

Data sourceRequirements
ActiveCampaignAn ActiveCampaign API URL and API key. You also need to set user permissions. Learn more about ActiveCampaign permissions.
AdformThe connected account must have External API access. Learn how to enable Adform's external API.

It also needs the Advertiser or Agency user role as part of a Buyer Solution category in order to access and read client data.
AdjustAn Adjust API token and App token.
Adobe Analytics &
Adobe Analytics 2.0

There are 2 ways to connect Adobe Analytics to Supermetrics. 

Connecting with OAuth requires an Adobe ID linked to Experience Cloud with web service access enabled. The account needs explicit access to report suites, reports, segments, and custom fields.

Connecting with a service account requires system administrator or developer access.

Learn more about both of these methods, including their benefits and limitations, in our Adobe authentication guide.

AdRollAn AdRoll account with Administrator or General user access. Learn how to add users to your account.
AdtractionAn Adtraction account with an Adtraction API token.
AffluentAn Affluent API key and API URL.
AhrefsAn Ahrefs account with Admin or Owner access. Learn about Ahrefs user roles.
Amazon AdsAn Amazon account linked to a Sponsored Ads type account with either admin access to a manager account or editor access to the ad account directly. Both Seller and Vendor accounts should work
Amazon Ad Server (Sizmek)An Amazon Ad Server (Sizmek) account and an API agreement with Amazon Ad Server (Sizmek) allowing Supermetrics to access your account via API.
Apple Search Ads

An Apple Search Ads account with API Read-only or API Account Manager permissions. Learn more about Apple Search Ads user roles.

You'll also need to generate an API client.

AppsFlyerAn AppsFlyer account with Admin access and two API tokens.
AwinYou'll need to generate and authenticate API credentials to connect.  
BambuserA Bambuser base URL and a copy of API key.
Bing Webmaster ToolsBing Webmaster Tools requires an API key.

Refer to Microsoft's documentation to learn how webmasters can create this key.
BrevoA Brevo account and API key.
CallRailA CallRail account with Admin, Manager, or Reporting permissions, and an API key.
Capterra PPCThe Capterra account manager has to enable API access with an API key. Learn how to create these credentials.
Capterra Reviews

A Capterra product identifier is required for search. Learn how to find this identifier.

CeltraConnecting to Celtra requires an Account ID and an API application inside Celtra. Learn how to get your account ID and API application.

A Clockify account with Admin permissions, and an API key.


Connecting to Criteo requires you to create an app and then adjust its permissions.

Follow these steps to create your app.

DoubleVerifyA DoubleVerify access token.
Facebook Ads

A Facebook account with Employee access and View Performance enabled, or an account with Ad Analyst access to an ad account. Learn more about Facebook user roles.

To access Lead data, you'll need a Lead Manager or Page Admin account. Agencies need Page Admin access, too. Learn more about access to Lead data.

If you're using the new Pages experience, you need Partial Access to the linked Facebook account.

Facebook Billing DataA Facebook account with Finance Editor access. Learn more about Business Manager roles and permissions.
Facebook Political Ads

You need to have confirmed your identity with Facebook, and have a Facebook developer application. Learn more in our guide.

Facebook Insights

A Facebook account with either Administrator access to the connected Page, or if you're using Business Manager, Page Editor access to the Page.

If you're using the new Pages experience, you need Partial Access to the linked Facebook account.

Google AdsA Google Account with at least Read-only access to a Google Ads account or manager account.
Google Ad Manager

A Google Account with at least Trafficker access to the ad account.

Additionally, the administrator must enable API access.

Google AdSense

A Google AdSense account with Admin access.

Google AnalyticsA Google Account with at least Read & Analyze access at the Property and View levels.
Google Analytics 4A Google Account with at least Viewer access at the Property and View levels.
Google BigQuery

BigQuery Data Viewer and BigQuery User access for the dataset, and BigQuery User access for the project.

Google Campaign Manager 360

A Google Account with a user role appropriate to the content the account needs to access

Some accounts may require API access. This must be enabled by a Google representative or campaign manager.

Google Display & Video 360A Google Account with Standard or Admin access.
Google My Business

A Google Account with Owner or Manager access.

Google Search Ads 360 A Google Account with at least Advertiser Manager or Agency Manager access.
Google Search ConsoleVerified site ownership with the role Verified Owner or Delegated Owner.
HarvestA Harvest account with Administrator account.
HubSpotA HubSpot account with Admin access.

For full access, Super Admin or Owner access. Learn more about HubSpot permissions.
Instagram InsightsAn Instagram Business Account (may also be called "professional account") or a Creator Account that uses Facebook authentication and is not restricted, age-limited, or private.

The account must be linked to an active Facebook Page, and the linked Facebook Page may need to be "claimed" before it can be properly connected.

Learn more about Instagram Insights permissions.

Instagram Public DataA Facebook account linked to an Instagram account (either a Business or Creator profile) with Manage Page access.
IQMAn IQM account.

A Klaviyo account with Admin, Owner, or Manager access, and an API key.

Learn more about Klaviyo permissions.

LinkedIn AdsA LinkedIn account with Viewer access to an ad account.

For creative-level granularity (ad content and metadata), the account needs Admin-level page access.

Learn more about LinkedIn Ads permissions.
LinkedIn Company PagesA LinkedIn account with Super Admin access.
MailchimpA Mailchimp account with Admin or Owner access.
MatomoA Matomo base URL and authentication token.
Microsoft AdvertisingA Microsoft account with at least Advertiser campaign manager access to an ad account, and multifactor authentication enabled.
Newsletter2GoA Newsletter2Go account and an Auth-Key.

A store or website connected to your Omnisend account, and an API key.

Outbrain AmplifyAn account with API access. Contact your account manager or Outbrain to set this up.

An Optimizely account with at least Administrator or Pro access to an ad account. 


An account in a Salesforce instance that's linked to Pardot, and a Pardot business unit ID.

Learn more about connecting to Pardot.

PartnerizeA Partnerize Application Key and API Key. Learn more about connecting to Partnerize.
PayPalA PayPal account with Admin access.
Piano Analytics (AT Internet)A Piano Analytics (AT Internet) account with site ID, access key, and secret key.
Pinterest Ads A Pinterest account with at least Admin or Campaign access to an ad account.
Pinterest Organic

Authenticate using the actual Pinterest profile you want to report for. Business access accounts will not work.

Piwik PROA Piwik PRO account name, client ID, and client secret.
QuantcastA Quantcast account with a copy of your account ID, and API key, and API secret. Learn more about connecting to Quantcast.
Quora AdsA Quora account with the Admin user role. Learn more about granting access to account in Quora's documentation.
RakutenA report created in Rakuten Advertising. Learn more about connecting to Rakuten Advertising.
Rakuten AdvertisingA report created in Rakuten Advertising. Learn more about connecting to Rakuten Advertising.

A Readpeak account with the Administrator, Producer, or Manager user role and the account's API key.

RTB House
RTB House account with API access. 
SalesforceRead access to objects and fields. Supermetrics currently supports the following objects and fields under them: accounts, campaigns, contacts, leads, opportunities, tasks.

Salesforce permissions are highly customizable and will vary from instance to instance, you must contact your Salesforce system administrator for help connecting to Supermetrics.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud

A Pro, Corporate, or Enterprise-level Salesforce Marketing Cloud account.

Additionally, the user logging into the Salesforce Marketing Cloud account must have the Administrator or Marketing Cloud Administrator role. 

SearchmetricsAn account with the Administrator user role, and an API key and client secret.
Semrush AnalyticsA Semrush subscription and an API key.

Learn more about Semrush API subscriptions.
Semrush Projects

A Semrush subscription and an API key.

Learn more about Semrush API subscriptions.

SimilarwebA Similarweb account with admin access to generate the API key.
SimplesatA Simplesat account and an account/API key.
SmarpA Smarp account name, a Smarp subdomain, and an API key.
Snapchat MarketingA Snapchat account with at least Account admin or Campaign manager access to an ad account.


OAuth connections require an admin account that can generate a client ID and client secret. In addition, you'll need the hostname, warehouse name, database name, and database schema.

Database connections require a username and password in addition to the above.

Learn more about OAuth in Snowflake's documentation.


A Shopify Store Owner or Staff account, and Supermetrics selected under the Apps and channels section of the user's permissions page in Shopify.

Sprout SocialA Sprout Social account that's been provisioned for API by the Sprout Social account owner, as well as an API token and a copy of your 
Spotify AdsA Spotify ad account.
StackAdaptA StackAdapt API key. Learn more about generating and using your API key.
StripeA Stripe account with the Administrator role.
TaboolaA Taboola account with at least Account Manager access. 
The Trade DeskAccess to The Trade Desk API, and an account with Partner-level access.

Learn more about connecting to The Trade Desk.
TikTok Ads A TikTok Ads account with at least Ad account analyst access. User roles with higher permissions — including Owner, Admin, and Operator — will also work.
Twitter Premium

A Twitter account.

Note that multi-account access isn't supported, so each connected account must be authenticated individually.
X Ads (Twitter)A Twitter account with at least Campaign analyst access to an ad account.

Note that some dimensions require Ad manager access, or higher.
X Organic (Twitter)
A Twitter account with a Twitter Ads account tied into it. Learn how to create a Twitter Ads account for X Organic (Twitter).
Yahoo DSPAPI access, and a client ID and client secret.

Learn how to set up Yahoo DSP API access.
Yahoo Native Ads

A Yahoo Native Ads account with at least Admin or Campaign manager access. Learn how to assign user roles.

Yahoo! Japan Search AdsA Yahoo! Japan business account.
Yandex.DirectA Yandex.Direct account with at least Chief Representative or Representative access.

Learn more about Yandex.Direct user roles.

A Yandex.Metrica account with a tag installed, and the Chief Representative or Representative role.

YouTubeBrand accounts need Manager access to connect to Supermetrics.

All other accounts need the user to be the channel's Owner.

Learn more about brand and standard accounts.

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