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How to visualize BigQuery data in Looker Studio

Once you’ve set up transfers to store your data in BigQuery, you can create visualizations and reports of that data in Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio). With the Supermetrics BigQuery connector, you can easily connect to your BigQuery datasets directly to Looker Studio.

Please note that queries using this connector will cost BigQuery credits.

Step 1: Create a BigQuery data source file

  1. Open the Supermetrics data source gallery.
  2. Navigate to Google BigQuery. Click Try.
  3. Select the BigQuery dataset with your Supermetrics data, and the field list type to be used in Looker Studio. 
    • A full field list includes all columns from your tables in BigQuery.
    • A simplified field list includes each unique field name only once if it's present in multiple tables. 
    • A simplified list with join fields only includes only the fields that are available for multiple data sources. 
  4. Click Connect.
  5. You will be taken to the field list view, where you can see all fields available in your newly created data source file. 
  6. Click Create report in the top right corner to create a new report with your BigQuery data source file.

Step 2: Use BigQuery data in a report

Once you’ve created a data source file for your BigQuery dataset, you can start using it in a report. Be sure to select your newly created BigQuery data source for the report.

If you’re new to Looker Studio, see this general guide for getting started with reports

About fields in BigQuery data

Basic date dimensions and common calculation metrics are included in the BigQuery field set by default.

In your BigQuery data, each field should note which source and table it came from. For example, Action type (Facebook Ads conversion) is sourced from the FBADS_CONVERSION table in BigQuery:

Combination fields are marked in their name with an asterisk. They can be accessed once you’ve created transfers for multiple data sources to the same BigQuery dataset, and connected that dataset to Looker Studio.

For example, fields marked with (* ad) are sourced from all AD tables. In this example, Facebook Ads and X Ads (Twitter) transfers have been set up to the same BigQuery dataset used in the Looker Studio data source file. All fields marked with (* ad) fetch data from both the FBADS_AD and TWTTERADS_AD tables in BigQuery.

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