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About using Supermetrics with single sign-on (SSO)

Supermetrics offers single sign-on (SSO) with either a Google Account or a Microsoft account. This means that signing into Supermetrics with these accounts will trigger an SSO flow, including any 2-factor authentication steps your organization has enabled.

Supported platforms

While Supermetrics doesn’t formally support any SSO providers (such as Okta) or SSO using the SAML 2.0 standard, it is considered a secure web authentication (SWA) vendor. 

If you have your SSO provider configured to work with your company’s Google or Microsoft account directory, SSO access policies and authentication policies will continue to be enforced while using Supermetrics. Supermetrics has been classified by Okta as an SWA-enabled vendor.

If a user is offboarded from the company account directory, their access to Supermetrics will be denied if they can’t sign in to their company account.

If you're trying to sign in using a Microsoft account and see an error that says Need admin approval or Approval required, follow these instructions to solve the issue.

2-factor authentication

We recommend enabling 2-factor authentication (sometimes called 2-step authentication) for any SSO accounts you use with Supermetrics.

After you log in

Once you’ve logged in or connected a data source, Supermetrics accesses data using OAuth tokens. Learn more about OAuth.

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