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How to solve daily quota errors in Google Display & Video 360 queries

When working with a large number of queries in Google Display & Video 360, you might encounter this error:

  • The user has exceeded their daily quota of 700 reports

This happens because Google Display & Video 360 has a user-based limit of 700 reports requested per day. This quota resets each day at midnight Pacific Standard Time.


This error most often impacts queries that pull data from all accounts in setups that have more than 700 advertisers available. Each advertiser will trigger a separate report for the requested data — if there are more than 700 of them, this can quickly fill up the quota.

To fix this, manually select the advertisers you want to query under Account selection in the Supermetrics interface in the destination you're using.

If you need to query more accounts, consider requesting additional daily quota from Google.

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