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Get started with Supermetrics Storage

Supermetrics Storage solution helps you store your data in one centralized place. You'll get the benefits of using a data warehouse without owning one yourself.

With Supermetrics Storage, you can:

  • Store your data in a centrally managed location to ensure that reports load instantly whenever needed.
  • Avoid being affected by unexpected outages from marketing platforms and reporting APIs. Centrally stored data is always available.
  • Start building a historical database of your marketing performance. This will enable future activities such as marketing mix modeling and predictive analytics.

Before you begin

Supermetrics Storage is part of the Marketing Intelligence Cloud license. Visit our website to learn more about Marketing Intelligence Cloud.


Follow these steps to get started with Supermetrics Storage:

  1. First, connect to the necessary data sources from the Supermetrics Hub. See our connection guides for instructions.
  2. Then, define what data to pull to Supermetrics Storage:
  3. Next, create transfers to take the data to your Supermetrics Storage.

  4. To store historical data in your Supermetrics Storage, run a backfill.
  5. Finally, connect your Supermetrics Storage to your data dashboard:

Once your Supermetrics Storage is up and running, keep the data updated with backfills.

You can add your teammates as recipients of transfer alerts in case something's not working as expected. By default, the alerts are sent to you.

If you have any questions about the Supermetrics Storage solution, don't hesitate to reach out to us. See this support article about the details we'd like you to share if you need to contact us about issues with your Supermetrics Storage.

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