How to schedule a data backfill

This guide will show you how to set up a data backfill request to add historical data to your destination dataset.

This guide assumes you have already created your destination and transfer – if you haven't done this yet, see the guides for How to configure a data destination and How to configure a data transfer.

How to Schedule a Backfill

1. Go to Supermetrics Team Management at, log in with your account, and

navigate to INTEGRATIONS → Transfers.

2. Find the transfer you want to use for the data backfill, open the Action menu and click on Backfill.

3. Set the Start and End Date values for the historical data you want to transfer into the dataset.

4. Click OK to start the backfill.

What's Next?

Monitor the progress of your data transfers in Supermetrics Team Management:

General limitations and caveats

  • Trial licenses can only backfill up to 14 days. If you try to backfill farther than that, the transfer will fail.
  • Different data sources have different data retention policies, so you may only be able to fetch up to their maximum value. See their API documentation for further details.

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