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How to create a transfer

Start transferring data into your data warehouse, cloud storage, data lake, or Supermetrics Storage by configuring a transfer in the Supermetrics Hub.

This guide applies to all data warehouse destinations except BigQuery (marketplace). See our separate guide on creating a BigQuery (marketplace) transfer. You can also use the Supermetrics API to connect your data to various destinations.

Before you begin

Before you create a data transfer, you need to create a destination for your data. See our destination setup guide for instructions.


  1. Log in to the Hub.
  2. In the sidebar, go to StorageTransfers.
  3. Click Create new.
  4. Select the data source and click Ok.
  5. Fill in the details in the transfer configuration view.
  6. When you’re ready, click Save.

Table and partition expiration

When you're setting up your transfer, make sure to set the table and partition expiration time to "never" or as many days as possible. Setting the table and partition expiration times as long as possible will make sure that you won't accidentally lose data when running a backfill.

See Google's documentation for:

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