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How to find your query in Power BI

If you can't see your query in Power BI, make sure that you've saved the query and given it a name. Also, check that your connection is shared with the Supermetrics team, and that you're logged in to the same team on the Supermetrics Hub and in Power BI. 


Save and name your query

Once you create your query on the Supermetrics Hub, make sure you save the query and give it a name to see it in Power BI.

Check that your connection is shared with the team

As Power BI is a team product, make sure that the connection you use for the query is shared with the team. 

  1. To check if your connection is shared with the team, go to the Data sources page on the Hub.
  2. On the Data sources page, expand the data source and check the sharing status for the connection. Make the connection shared, if it's not shared. Learn how to make connections shared or private.

Submit an idea on our product roadmap if you need support for private connections and queries in Power BI.

Make sure you're logged in to the same team on Supermetrics Hub and in Power BI

  1. On the Hub, check from the top bar that you're in the right team. Change to the right team, if necessary.
  2. Change to the right team in Power BI:
    1. Go to Power BI Desktop and navigate to FileOptions and settingsData source settings.
    2. Find and select Connect to Supermetrics.
    3. Click Clear Permissions and confirm your choice.
    4. Click Get data, search for Supermetrics, and click Connect.
    5. Sign in to your account and select the team you want to use in Power BI.

Note that refreshes in any existing reports that rely on queries you have loaded from another team will stop working.

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