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How to install the Supermetrics Excel add-in

Installing the Supermetrics Excel add-in is the first step towards connecting your data sources to your reporting in Excel. Individuals can install the add-in themselves, or administrators can install and manage the add-in for users in their organization.

Follow these instructions to install the Supermetrics Excel Add-in for Excel 2016 (or newer), or Excel Online, directly from an Excel file. As some versions of Office require Internet Explorer 11 to run add-ins like Supermetrics, we recommend installing it before beginning.


If you see a message asking you to contact your administrator at any point in the process, get in touch with your organization's Microsoft administrator for help. Follow these instructions to resolve the issues.


Install for an individual

  1. In the desktop version of Excel, or Excel Online, navigate to HomeAdd-ins or FileGet Add-ins.

    If you're using Excel for Mac or an older version of Excel, navigate to Insert Get Add-ins.

  2. Click More Add-ins and type Supermetrics into the search bar.
  3. After you've found the Supermetrics add-in, click Add, and then Continue.
  4. Navigate to the Data tab.
  5. At the right-hand side of the Ribbon, click Show Supermetrics.

You can also install the add-in from the Office Store:

  1. Go to Supermetrics in the Office Store.
  2. Click Get it now.
  3. Sign in to Office, if prompted, and click Continue.
  4. Click Open in Excel.
    If you don't have the desktop version of Excel, click Try using Office Online, and on the page that opens, click Open in Excel Online.
  5. In Excel, navigate to the Data tab.
  6. At the right-hand side of the Ribbon, click Show Supermetrics.

If you don't see the add-in icon, please try to re-add it from the Office store by following the steps above.

Install for users in an organization

Microsoft's Centralized Deployment feature allows administrators to install add-ins safely and securely for users in the same organization. They can assign the add-in to certain people or user groups. 

Administrators should refer to Microsoft's documentation for detailed instructions on how to deploy add-ins for their organizations. If you have any questions about how Supermetrics secures and handles data, please read our security documentation. We are SOC 2 Type II, GDPR, and CCPA compliant.

Once an administrator has deployed the Supermetrics add-in, users can find and install it in Excel by navigating to  Insert → Add-ins → Admin Managed.

Sign in

If your organization uses single-sign on (SSO), you'll automatically be logged into Excel using your SSO-enabled account.

If your Supermetrics license is connected to a different account, you'll need to sign out of your SSO-enabled account and then back in with the account connected to your license.

To do this:

  1. Open the Supermetrics sidebar in Excel.
  2. Click the menu icon in the top left corner.
  3. Click Sign out.
  4. Click Use another account, and sign in with the email address that's connected to your Supermetrics license.

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