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Facebook Insights field changes - April 18, 2024

As part of the work to migrate Facebook Insights to Graph API v19, we will be deprecating a number of video metrics by April 18, 2024, as they are no longer supported in that version of the API.

This article contains a full description of all the deprecated fields and what you need to do to prevent any possible issues.

Special note for data warehouse users

Standard table groups will not be updated at this time, which means that the deprecated fields will return empty values after April 18. Backfilling data after the sunset date will also overwrite data with empty values and should be avoided.

Keep in mind that removing fields from your custom tables can lead to that field being removed from your tables in the data warehouse, in particular, if you're using our BigQuery, Snowflake, Azure Synapse, Azure SQL DB, or AlloyDB integrations listed in your storage destinations on the Supermetrics Hub.

For other destinations, such as our direct BigQuery integration on Google Cloud, AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure Storage, and SFTP, only shards and files are overwritten for the dates you're backfilling and transferring daily within your refresh window.

If you want to preserve the historical data of those fields in your destination, you have two options:

  • Keep the affected fields in the custom table, and they will start returning empty values after April 18. If there are replacement fields available, you can add them to the custom table and continue using your custom table as before in your reports.
    Note that if you run a backfill after April 18 for such custom tables to fetch historical data, such as for year 2023, this might also overwrite your historical data for the affected fields with empty values.
  • Rename your custom tables in the Table Manager and make the necessary changes to the custom table according to the information in this article in case your custom table contains combinations of fields that will lead to transfer failures after April 18. Renaming custom tables in the Table Manager will lead to new tables or files being generated in your destination.
    • If any of your reporting is dependent on the affected custom tables, you'll either need to point the reports to the new tables, or combine the data of the new tables with the tables that contain your historical data (using SQL, ETL tool, or by combining the data inside a BI tool), so that your reports contain both the historical and the latest data.
    • Note that you need to rename the custom tables, not the table group. Renaming the table group won't have any impact on the transfer, and this scenario would lead to you losing data for the fields you removed or replaced in your custom tables.

Deprecated fields

The following fields will be deprecated on April 18, 2024, and will no longer return data after that date. While including these fields in queries won't break them, we recommend you remove or replace the fields as they will no longer provide value.

Please note that the recommended replacements won't replicate the exact values of the deprecated ones, but they either match the UI reporting or are the closest available option for that type of data.

Field nameField IDPossible replacement fields
Total 10s video viewspage_video_views_10s
Total video views

Total 15s video views
Watch 10s rate (%)page_video_watch_10s_rate
Watch 30s rate (%)

Auto-played 10s video views
Auto-played video views
Auto-played 30s video views

With post dimension included:
Auto-played video views
Auto-played 30s video views
Auto-played watch 10s rate (%)page_video_watch_10s_rate_autoplayed
Auto-played watch 30s rate (%)

Clicked to play 10s video views
Clicked to play video views
Clicked to play 30s video views

With post dimension included:
Clicked to play video views
Clicked to play 30s video views
Clicked to play watch 10s rate (%)page_video_watch_10s_rate_click_to_play

Clicked to play video views

Clicked to play 30s video views

Organic 10s video views
Organic video views


Organic video views with any Post dimension
Organic watch 10s rate (%)page_video_watch_10s_rate_organic
Organic watch 30s rate (%)

Paid 10s video views
Paid video views

Paid video views with any Post dimension
Paid watch 10s rate (%)page_video_watch_10s_rate_paid
Paid watch 30s rate (%)

10s video views with sound onpost_video_views_10s_sound_onTotal video views with sound on
Unique 10s video viewspage_video_views_10s_unique
Unique video views

Unique video views
with any Post dimension
Unique watch 10s rate (%)page_video_watch_10s_rate_unique
Unique watch 30s rate (%)


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