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About header type setting for data lake destinations

When setting up a data lake destination (Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure Storage, or SFTP), use the header type setting to select whether to use field IDs or field labels as the header of your CSV files.

Field labels are the display names of the fields, while field IDs are unique identifiers assigned to each field. Field IDs typically don't change. In Supermetrics documentation, the field ID is on the left side of the docs page, while the field label is listed on the right.

Supermetrics recommends you to use the field ID as the header type going forward. Using the field IDs as headers ensures that the column names remain consistent even if the field labels change.

When moving from field labels to field IDs, the column order in the CSV file will remain the same as when using field labels. This helps migration if your data processing depends on the order of the fields.

To change the header type setting of your existing data lake destinations to use field IDs, update your data lake destinations on the Supermetrics Hub.

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