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About Supermetrics advanced settings for Excel

Supermetrics features a wide range of advanced settings for reports created in Excel. This reference list describes the settings and what they allow you to do.

To enable any of these settings, open the Supermetrics sidebar, click Options, navigate to the Advanced setting field, and write the advanced setting's name (with no extra whitespace) in the field. 

The settings you choose will only be applied to the query you selected before clicking into Options.

Advanced settings

Setting name
Shortens the dimension value to X length (added by default in Google Sheets to truncate long values from dimensions to avoid errors).
Identifies only the posts that are eligible for promoting on Facebook.
Fetches all Facebook Insights posts that match the query. Learn more about this setting and why it’s useful.
Includes Twitter Audience Network in the query.
Display all campaigns with zero impressions in Google Ads, including campaigns that haven’t started yet.
Will display dimensions without their headers.
When fetching only metrics in a query with Facebook Ads, it does not include row headers in the result set.
Stores queries even if no data is returned. Recommended if you want to create a query with campaigns that have no data, but could change and evolve in the future.
RETURN_ZEROS_WHEN_NO_DATAWill return "0" instead of "No data found" when a query doesn't find data.
Rounds the numbers to the amount of decimals you want, for example, 0 or 2. Inserts a number instead of X.

Allows custom date formats.


Shows the start date of a month or week. Use this if you want to make reports where the starting date of a week or month is displayed instead of the week/month number.

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