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What to do if your credit card is declined

If your credit card is declined, there are a few things you can do to resolve the situation.

Update your credit card information

Check if the credit card meets these criteria. If it doesn't, please update the credit card information.

  • The card has not expired.
  • The card has not been reported as stolen or has been recently replaced.
  • The card has enough credit left for the full price of the subscription you're trying to buy.

Contact bank or credit card company

We're not able to see why a credit card is declined at our end. You'll need to contact the bank or credit card company to resolve the issue.

The most common reasons this can occur are below, so make sure to confirm with your bank that these are not a factor:

  • Payment exceeds the card's limit for a one-time purchase.
  • Card doesn't have enough credit left to cover the full price.
  • Bank has blocks against foreign payments (Supermetrics is based in Finland).
  • Bank has blocks against Stripe itself.
  • Transaction tripped fraud protections on the card.

If you can't fix the credit card issue, please submit a support request.

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