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How to use data blending in your data destination

You need to create your data blends on the Supermetrics Hub before they can be used in destinations. Learn more about how the data blending feature works

Follow these instructions to use your blends in Google Sheets, Looker Studio, Excel, and Query Manager (Supermetrics API). Data blending is currently not available in our data warehouse destinations or in

If you're interested in the data blending feature, contact us.


Google Sheets Looker Studio Excel Query Manager (API)
  1. Navigate to Extensions → Supermetrics → Launch sidebar to open Supermetrics.
  2. Click Create new query.
  3. Under Data source, select Data Blending.
  4. Select a connection.
  5. Under Available blends, select a data blend.
  6. Select metrics and dimensions.
  7. Click Get Data to Table.

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