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How to set up Supermetrics Charts for Looker Studio

Supermetrics data visualization charts for Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio) offer beautiful, scalable reporting. Use this article to learn how to set them up.

After you've added your first Supermetrics data visualization chart, you'll be able to add more charts much more quickly.

If this is the first time you're using Supermetrics Charts, watch the video to learn more.


Finding the manifest path

To use Supermetrics Charts in Looker Studio, you need the manifest path for the chart. Every manifest path begins with gs://charts.

  • If you already have a Supermetrics Charts for Looker Studio license, you'll find the manifest paths for the available charts on the Supermetrics Hub in your Looker Studio license details.
  • If you don't have a license yet and would like to try out Supermetrics Charts, use the demo charts listed in this support article. Click Learn more about this visualization to see the manifest path below the chart's title on its landing page — as well as use cases and examples on how to use the chart.

Add a chart for the first time

  1. Copy the manifest path.
  2. Open your report in Looker Studio.
  3. In the top bar, click Community visualizations and components Community visualization icon.
  4. Click +Explore more.
  5. Click the Build your own visualization card.
  6. Scroll down to Test and add your community visualization.
  7. Paste the manifest path you copied earlier into the field labeled Manifest path. Click Submit.
  8. Click the chart you'd like to add.
  9. In the consent dialog, click Allow
  10. Drag your new chart into your report.

Add more charts

  1. In your Looker Studio report, click Community visualizations and components Community visualization icon.
  2. Under Added report resources, click the chart you'd like to add.
  3. Drag the report into your chart and start choosing your settings.

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