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How to add images to Power BI reports

To add images to your Power BI report, all you need to do is to include image URLs as a dimension in your query and change the data category to Image URL on the Power BI side.

Note that the image URL must be directly accessible via a link without signing in on a specific resource, such as SharePoint. The following image formats are supported: 

  • bmp
  • jpg, jpeg
  • gif
  • png
  • svg


  1. When creating a query for Power BI, make sure you select a dimension with the image URLs.
  2. Load the query data into Power BI.
  3. Select the column that contains the image URLs under the Data tab.
  4. Go to the Column tools menu in the Power BI ribbon. 
  5. Set the Data category to Image URL.

See Microsoft's instructions for more information about how to manage images in Power BI tables.

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