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About API rate limits in Awin

The Awin connector in Supermetrics has rate limits that affect the granularity of the provided data. Heavy usage of the connector may also cause rate limit errors.

Splitting data by day

The Awin API has a rate limit of 20 requests per minute per user. This means that it’s not possible to split data by day unless you’re moving data to one of our data warehouse destinations. 

Learn more about the Awin API rate limits.

If you encounter a rate limit error

You might encounter the following rate limit error message while using the Awin connector in Supermetrics.

  • API rate limit exceeded. If this problem appears again, please reach out to Awin to increase your API rate limits.

If you frequently see this error, contact Awin directly about increasing your account’s API rate limit. Note that Supermetrics can’t do this on your behalf.

  • If you have an account manager at Awin, contact your dedicated account manager or contact person directly.
  • If you're a self-serve Awin user (Awin Access), contact Awin support for your region.

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