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About Snowflake prerequisites

To start using Snowflake as a Supermetrics destination, some requirements need to be met. These prerequisites ensure that a working connection can be set up to successfully transfer data to your Snowflake data warehouse.

You may need specific permissions to verify these prerequisites are met. If you are unable to access some information, please contact your Snowflake admin.


Database and schema

You need to have set up a Snowflake database and schema before you can start using Snowflake as a destination.

You can either use 1 Snowflake schema for all of your data transfers or set up separate schemas for multiple transfers. If you use multiple Snowflake schemas for your Supermetrics transfers, you will need to create a separate destination for each schema.

Based on the Snowflake role you selected when creating the schema, there are 2 possible owner scenarios:

  • A schema owned by the Public role. This schema will be visible for all Snowflake users in your account, and can be used as-is to create a Supermetrics transfer.
  • A schema owned by a non-public role, either another system-defined role or a custom role. If a user creates a non-public schema with another role on your behalf, they need to grant your role the schema privileges Usage and Create Table.

If your Snowflake user has multiple roles to choose from, Supermetrics will use your default role. So, if your user has the default role Public, but the schema you want to load your data to is not Public, the connection cannot be established. In this case, you need to change the default role of your Snowflake user to match the schema.

Roles and permissions

Creating and managing databases and schemas requires sufficient permissions in your Snowflake instance. See Snowflake documentation for an overview of access control.

For more information on access control privileges, see especially the privilege Create Database needed for creating a new database, and the Database privileges Usage and Create Schema for managing an existing database created by another user.

Additionally, see Snowflake documentation for more information about access control configuration and granting privileges.

IP allowlisting

If your account only allows access from selected networks, IP allowlisting is needed. See Snowflake documentation for more information about managing network policies.

Grant access to these Supermetrics IP addresses. Don’t forget to add your own IP address to avoid losing access to your account.

Managing network policies

Snowflake features account- and user-level network policies. User-level policies take precedence. An account can only be associated with one network policy, which is applied to your entire account and all users.

If only a few of your Snowflake users are going to create destinations and transfers with Supermetrics, you can alter only their respective Snowflake users’ network policy instead of modifying the policy of your entire Snowflake account.

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