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Shopify connection guide

Follow this guide to connect your Shopify account to Supermetrics.

If you need to connect this data source to one of our data warehouse or cloud storage destinations, explore our prerequisite and filling guides.

Before you begin

Three types of Shopify accounts can connect to Supermetrics:

You can confirm a store's owner by logging into Shopify and navigating to Settings → Users and permissions. You'll see the store owner's name at the top of the page.

Collaborators have to follow a different set of instructions to connect. Learn how to connect a Shopify collaborator or partner account to Supermetrics.

Granting permissions

Shopify store owners can add staff to their Shopify store. Learn how to add a new staff account or edit permissions for an existing staff account, including giving them permission to use apps like Supermetrics.

  • To give a staff account access to Supermetrics, open the Permissions menu in Shopify, and then click Apps and channels. Supermetrics should be listed with any other apps linked to the store.
  • While all store owners can link new apps to a store, staff members need specific permissions ("Manage and install apps and channels" and "Approve app charges").
  • Additionally, owners must grant each staff or collaborator account these permissions before they can connect to Supermetrics:
    • Home
    • Orders
    • Draft orders
    • Products
    • Gift cards
    • Customers
    • Reports
    • Dashboards
    • Marketing
    • Discounts

Connecting multiple stores

If you want to pull data for multiple Shopify stores, you'll need to repeat the authentication process for each one. 

Once you've completed authentication for your first store, reauthenticate your connection, this time using the name of your second store. Repeat this process for each store.

Installing the Supermetrics unlisted app

When you connect to Shopify, you'll be asked to install the Supermetrics unlisted app.

We built this app using Shopify's APIs and connectivity tools — it's safe and secure, and is only unlisted because we haven't yet integrated it with every piece of Shopify. Learn more about how Supermetrics secures your data.


For Excel users

If your team uses Supermetrics for Excel, you'll see different options for managing and sharing data source connections in that destination. Learn more.

Google Sheets Data StudioExcel

Make sure you've installed the Supermetrics add-on before you connect.

  1. Open a new Google Sheets file.
  2. Navigate to ExtensionsSupermetricsLaunch sidebar to open Supermetrics.
  3. Click Create new query.
  4. Under Data source, select Shopify.
  5. The first time you connect, you'll be asked to install our unlisted app. Click Install unlisted app to proceed.
  6. Enter your store name and click Start.
  7. Enter your email and click Next, and then enter your password and click Log in.
  8. Select the accounts you want to include in your reporting.

Learn about advanced settings, best practices, and troubleshooting tips for Supermetrics for Google Sheets.

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