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About daily request quotas and limits

Many data sources have limits on how many requests an API account can make in a specific period of time. These are referred to as API request quotas or request limits.

If you reach a quota or request limit

If you see this error message, you've likely reached the API request limit for your data source:

  • Daily [data source] quota exceeded, try again later.

You can monitor your license's usage and request quotas on the Supermetrics Hub. If you think you've reached a limit, you'll find more information there.

A single Supermetrics query can result in many requests to the data source API, depending on the selected metrics and dimensions. This means that you can reach a quota limit with only a few queries.

How to fix this

If any of your data source quotas reach their limit, reduce your request size to something that's below your data source's limit. We recommend that you:

  • Shorten date ranges
  • Remove unnecessary fields
  • Use fewer accounts at once

If you're using Google Sheets, you can also use the "Combine new results with old" feature to create more efficient queries.

Reference list: Available data source request limits

Data sourceRequest limitReset time
ActiveCampaign5 requests per second per account
Adform500 requests per day24 hours from first request
AdjustNo documented request limits
Adobe AnalyticsAdobe licenses don't have a standard request limit. Contact Adobe to make modifications.
Adobe Analytics V2 (Reference)120 requests per minute per license (enforced as 12 requests every 6 seconds)
Adtraction30 quotas per minute, 10 quotas per minute for requests with high load.
AffluentNo documented request limits
AhrefsNo known limits, but queries consume API units counted by rows of data of returned query.  
Amazon AdsDepend on the size of the report generation queue
Amazon Ad Server (Sizmek)
  • 1000 requests per day
  • 30000 requests per month

Amazon DSPDepend on the size of the report generation queue
Amazon Seller Central
Apple Public DataApproximately 20 calls per minute

Pull API

  • 0-2 day date range:
    • 1 call per minute per app per report
  • 3+ days date range: 
    • Up to 120 calls per day per account
    • 24 calls per day per app

Master API: Unlimited

Event data export: Raw data daily quotas:

  • Attribution: 
    • app-level: 24
  • In-app events:
    • app-level: 12

Awin20 requests per minute per user
BambuserNo documented request limits
Basis75,000 requests per hour across all endpoints per API user
  • 5 requests per second
  • 20 requests per minute
  • 150 requests per hour
Real time data
BrevoNo documented request limits
Campaign MonitorNo documented request limits
  • 1000 calls / account / hour
  • 10000 calls / account / day

Capterra PPCVendors are limited to making 5000 requests every five minutes.
Capterra Reviews1 request per second
CeltraNo documented request limits
Clockify10 requests per second
CriteoNo documented request limits
Criteo Retail Media250 calls per minute
DoubleVerifyNo documented request limits
  • Network: 20 requests per second
  • Affiliate: 5 requests per second
  • Advertiser: 5 requests per second

Facebook AdsDynamic rate limit based on account usage and ad spendUp to one hour
Facebook Insights4,800 requests per engaged user per day 24-hour sliding window
Facebook Public Data

For shared URLs, 10 GET requests per URL, per app, per hour.

FlashtalkingNo documented request limits
G2 ReviewsNo documented request limits
Glassdoor ReviewsNo documented request limits
Google AdSense10,000 requests per day.
Google AdsUnlimited operations / day
Google Analytics 4
  • Tokens per property per day: 200,000 (Google Analytics 360: 2,000,000)
  • Tokens per property per hour: 40,000 (Google Analytics 360: 400,000)
  • Concurrent requests per property: 10 (Google Analytics 360: 50)

Google Campaign Manager 36030,000 requests per user per day
There is a quota of 30 simultaneous reports.
Midnight, Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8)
Google Display & Video 3602000 requests per day

For DV360 API, see the documentation.

Google Merchant Center


  • Per minute - 100
  • Per day - 1,000,000


  • Per minute - 60,000
  • Per day - 20,000,000


  • Per minute - 60,000
  • Per day - 20,000,000

Google Search Ads 360
  • 3,000 queries per minute per project per user
  • 3,000 queries per minute per project
  • 150,000 queries per day per project

  • Time entries: 100 requests per 15 seconds
  • Other reports: 100 requests per 15 minutes

Hotjar3000 requests per minute (50 requests per second)
HubSpotSee HubSpot documentation.
Ignite400 requests per minute
ImpactBy default, 1000 requests per hour. See Impact documentation.
Indeed ReviewsNo documented request limits
Instagram InsightsSee Meta documentation.
Instagram Public DataHashtags: See Meta documentation.
IQMNo documented request limits
LINE Ads2 requests per second
LinkedIn AdsSee LinkedIn documentation.
LinkedIn Revenue Attribution1,000,000 calls per day

LiveIntentNo documented request limits
MailchimpSee Mailchimp documentation.
MarketoGeneral limitations: 
  • 50,000 API calls per day
  • 100 calls per 20 seconds
  • 10 concurrent API calls
Bulk API: See Marketo documentation.

MatomoNo documented request limits
MediaMathNo documented request limits
Microsoft AdvertisingSee Microsoft Advertising API documentation.

See also report-specific limitations.

MixpanelNo documented request limits
MOAT2 requests per 20 seconds
  • 50 URLs per batch for paid account
  • 10 URLs per batch for free account

100,000 max results per request

Newsletter2GoNo documented request limits
NexxenNo documented request limits
Omnisend400 requests per 1 minute
Outbrain Amplify
  • Authentication tokens: 2 requests per hour per user
  • Single token usage for the entire API: 30 requests per second
  • Performance reporting API: 10 requests per minute
  • Real-time performance reporting API: 50 requests per minute

PartnerizeDynamic rate limit. See Partnerize documentation.
Piano Analytics (AT Internet)
  • 20 concurrent API calls per organization
  • 5 concurrent API calls per user

Pinterest AdsSee Pinterest documentation.
Pinterest Organic
  • Pin analytics: 200 calls per minute
  • Profile analytics: 1000 calls per minute

Piwik PRONo documented request limits
Prisjakt10,000 requests per hour
Quantcast5 requests per second and maximum of 10 concurrent requests.
Quora Ads2000 requests per hour for each OAuth client and ad account. Shared across all reporting endpoints
Readpeak100 requests per minute
Reddit Public DataSee Reddit documentation.
RTB HouseNo documented request limits
Semrush AnalyticsDepends on credits available for the user.
Semrush ProjectsDepends on credits available for the user.
ShopifySee Shopify documentation.
Similarweb10 requests per second
  • 100 requests in a 10-minute window, per endpoint, per token
  • 1000 requests in 24 hours per token

Snapchat MarketingSee Snapchat Marketing documentation.
Spotify AdsSee Spotify documentation.
Sprout Social
  • 60 requests per minute
  • 250,000 requests per month

StackAdapt150 requests per 30 seconds
StripeSee Stripe documentation.
TaboolaNo formal rate limits for reasonable use. Recommendation: keep your requests under 10 per second.
Teads1 call per 30 seconds
The Trade DeskSee The Trade Desk documentation.
TikTok Ads50 requests per second, 3,000 requests per minute, and 4,320,000 requests per day
TikTok Organic
  • 40 queries per minute per account and API endpoint
  • 1000 queries per minute per application


60 requests per minute

Tripadvisor Reviews10 reviews per second
Tumblr Public DataSee Tumblr documentation.
Vimeo Public DataSee Vimeo documentation.
X Ads (Twitter)250 requests per 15 minutesEvery 15 minutes
X Organic (Twitter)See X (Twitter) documentation.
X Public Data (Twitter)Varies between data typesEvery 15 minutes
Xandr5 report requests in 15 minutes per user
Xing AdsSee Xing documentation.
Yahoo DSPSee Yahoo documentation:
Yahoo! Japan Display Ads5 requests per second
Yahoo! Japan Search Ads5 requests per second
Yandex.Metrica5,000 requests per user per dayMidnight, Moscow Standard Time (UTC+3)
Yelp ReviewsNo documented request limits

YextNo documented request limits

YouTube20,000 requests per user per day
Midnight, Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8)
YouTube (Legacy)
20,000 requests per user per day
Midnight, Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8)
YouTube Public Data200 queries per day per license

Zemanta20 requests per second

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