Viewing Your Account Usage

There is a new feature in Team Management that allows you to pull the data on your requests with Supermetrics and to the data sources, so you can see your own and team member usage, and help address issues with request quota limits and errors.

To access the tool, log into Team Management with your Google User account. Then click on the Usage tab to open the reporting tool.

You can then select various settings to customize your report.

  • COLUMNS - Basic info you want to pull data for, such as date, data source, errors message, etc.
  • MEMBERS - Allows you select specific team members to see how many requests they are making
  • APPLICATIONS - Allows you to select which Supermetrics app/product you want to check
  • DATE RANGE - Allows you to set the dates you want to check, to a max of 30 days into the past

Once you have selected your settings, you can click SEARCH and see the results. You can also download the results as a .CSV file for reporting or troubleshooting requests.

Here's an example report looking at all Supermetrics app requests for Date and Data Source, for the past 30 days:

The File option allows you to see all your report file(s). Once you have selected the File setting, click on Search

You will see a list of your report file(s) with the number of data source requests and Supermetrics queries.

The file ID comes from your spreadsheet URL.

For example, if you open a brand new spreadsheet, you will get a similar URL to this:

On the Team Management site, we only show the part of the link between /d/ and /edit/ as the File ID:

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