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How to view and manage access to private and shared connections

This guide will give you an overview of how to view and manage access to private and shared connections on the Supermetrics Hub

See the instructions on how to manage private and shared connections in Google Sheets, Excel, and Looker Studio.


  1. Log in to the Hub with the account you use with Supermetrics.
  2. In the left-side menu, click Data sources.
  3. Click on a data source you'd like to view.
  4. Under the Sharing column, you’ll see your connections to this data source and their sharing status. Click the Share icon to share a connection or make a shared connection private.
  5. At the end of the row for each connection, you can click the icons to reconnect, replace and disconnect your own connections. Disconnected connections will stay on the list for 30 days.

Admins have additional options:

  • View all your team's connections
  • Make any connection private
    • You won't be able to reshare a connection you make private.
  • Replace one connection with another

Learn more about shared and private connections and what actions team members can take.

Making shared connections private

If you have previously shared a connection but make it private later, the queries and data transfers other users have created using that connection will fail. Pay attention to this, especially if you're using our data warehouse destinations  — even though data warehouse connections are shared by default, the connections can be made private in Google Sheets, Excel, and Looker Studio, which will stop the data transfers working in data warehouse destinations as well.

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