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How to fix discrepancies in Microsoft Advertising data in Supermetrics

If you’re encountering discrepancies between the data you see in Microsoft Advertising and the results you see in your Supermetrics reports, it could be due to issues with the Top impression rate and Absolute top impression rate fields.

These errors occur because the API occasionally doesn’t return a value for the field on a specific day. This means that when it processes the rate over multiple days split by a date-based dimension, it changes the calculation. This might not match what’s shown in Microsoft Advertising, as it’s unable to fetch the missing day.


Our teams have tested different setups to find workarounds that stop these discrepancies from occurring in Supermetrics reporting. We recommend using one of these.

  • Splitting the data by "Date" dimension, as it this gets true values for each day
  • Not splitting by any date-type dimension, as this gets the true value for the whole period and matches the total in the reporting tool.
  • Using the full period if breaking down by a date-type dimension, for example fetching "Last month" as the date range and using "Month" as a date dimension.

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