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About shared and private connections


Shared and private connections are available to teams that use Supermetrics with Excel, Looker Studio (formerly known as Data Studio), and our data warehouse destinations.

About connections

A connection is a login you use to connect a data source account to Supermetrics. Once you’ve logged in, you can pull data from that account into your Supermetrics reports.

Shared connections allow you to authenticate a data source account once and make that connection accessible to anyone on your team who needs access. They won’t have to log in again — they’ll be able to use it to fetch data without authenticating.

A private connection, however, is a data source account with a login that only its Owner can use in Supermetrics.

This article gives more details on both of these connection types. Learn how to enable or disable them when you’re ready.

Shared connections

With shared connections, you can share your data source logins with your team members. This won’t give those team members access to the account anywhere outside Supermetrics — it’ll just let them use the account to create and edit queries without logging in.

Team roles 

Team managers can turn any shared connection back to private, and share their own connection. If they encounter a connection that no longer works and need to replace it, there won’t be any interruption in the connection’s queries.

A connection owner can revoke the connection or stop sharing with the team at any time. Learn how to manage who can access your shared connections.

Private connections

A private connection is a data source login that only its Owner can use. If anyone else wants to connect to Supermetrics with this connection, they’ll need to log in separately.

If you’re a connection’s Owner, you can change it from shared to private at any time. Learn how to change a connection’s sharing settings.

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