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How to Update Credit Card Details

You can update your credit card details or change the card completely for Stripe-based auto-renewal in the Team Management site. 

Before You Begin

  • You must be an "Admin" or "Owner" role to perform this action. The button won't appear for "editors". See this article for how to change your role. 
  • This only works for Stripe payments. For PayPal, you must update the card information in your PayPal account.
  • This only works for licenses that have auto-renewal enabled. You can instead change the card information when you manually renew the license, or enable auto-renewal.

  1. Log into Team Management with your Supermetrics User account -
  2. Click on the LICENSES tab.
  3. Find the product in the list you wish to update the card information for and click the Manage link to expand the settings.

    Blue box highlighting the LICENSES section of the UI, with blue arrow pointing to red text link for "Manage"

  4. Click the PAYMENT DETAILS tab to reveal a section with invoices and the action to update the card information.

    Blue box highlighting "PAYMENT DETAILS" tab and blue arrow pointing to button to "UPDATE CARD DETAILS"

    Note - if the UPDATE CARD DETAILS button is deactivated and you can't click it, it means that your auto-renewal is not enabled. You can only change the card settings for auto-renew enabled licenses or when you purchase a renewal manually.

  6. A Stripe card form will pop-up. Add the card number you wish to use, the expiration month/year, and the CVC code.

    Credit card update pop-up with fields for the card information and a blue "submit" button

  7. Click Submit to save the change.
  8. Perform the following based on the current state of the license:
    • If the license will auto-renew in the future, nothing further is needed. It will use the new card for the next auto-renewal attempt.
    • If the license expired due to the credit card being declined for auto-renewal, it will retry one more time at midnight Eastern European time, regardless if the card was changed or not. If you missed this window for the retry, you will need to renew the license with the Renew button as it won't try again automatically.
    • If the license is expired and not set to auto-renewal, click the Renew or Buy New button next to the license to repurchase it.

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