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How to connect to a data warehouse destination

The first step in transferring data into your data warehouse, cloud storage, or data lake is configuring a destination on the Supermetrics Hub. You can then use this instance as the destination for your data transfers.

This guide applies to all data warehouse destinations except BigQuery (marketplace). See our separate guide for creating a destination in BigQuery (marketplace). You can also use the Supermetrics API to connect your data to various destinations.

Before you begin

Destinations have different requirements for transferring data. Before creating your destination, make sure that you meet all prerequisites.

Learn more about prerequisites for AlloyDB, Amazon S3, Azure SQL Database, Azure Storage, Azure Synapse, BigQuery, Google Cloud Storage, Redshift, SFTP, and Snowflake.


  1. Log in to the Hub.
  2. In the sidebar, go to StorageStorage destinations.
  3. Click Add storage, or if you have already set up some destinations, click New storage.
  4. Select your destination type.
  5. Configure the destination by filling in the required details. See destination-specific configuration guides below, under more resources.
  6. Click Test connection to test the connection to your destination. If the test is successful, click Save to store the destination.
    If the test fails, check that you've correctly filled in all necessary details and meet all prerequisites for creating a destination.

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