'No queries found' error in Excel

This usually happens when the logged in user account is not the correct user account the queries are built with or the active account using the Excel file has a different license or Team.

Things to cross check:

1. The account and team name displayed in the side bar

Make sure that the account displayed in the side bar is the license holder account and team as shown below:

2. Check if you can see the list of queries in 'SupermetricsQueries' sheet

If you can see the query list, delete the QueryID only and refresh the queries as this will create a new query ID and remove all cached data.

If you tried both steps and if you are still seeing the error message. please submit a new request to support, noting you had followed these steps and include the following with your request: 

    - License holder user account 

    - one of the queryIDs that you see in 'SupermetricsQueries' sheet


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