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How to use the SupermetricsQueries tab (advanced)

The SupermetricsQueries tab is automatically created when you add your first Supermetrics query to any Google Sheets or Excel spreadsheet.

The tab collects every query in a spreadsheet in one place. This means you can make bulk changes to queries across the whole report — like moving them to new locations, dynamically updating them, or applying advanced settings — without having to adjust individual queries in different tabs.

You can also see how recently each query was refreshed, if the refresh failed, and an error message that explains why. 

We recommend using this feature only if you have a lot of experience using spreadsheets or Supermetrics.

Before you begin

If you're not completely confident in the adjustments you're making, we advise that you create a copy of your report before making any changes in the SupermetricsQueries tab. This ensures that you'll have a safe copy of all your queries that you can revert to if something goes wrong while you're using the SupermetricsQueries tab.

Reverting to an earlier version in version control can also undo any unintended changes.

If you're making changes to one row, you can copy just that row into your clipboard instead. If the results aren't what you intended, paste it back in.

Take care

When using the tab, never make changes:

  • Above row 21
  • In columns G through O
  • In column W
  • In column AW


The SupermetricsQueries tab is hidden by default. Follow these instructions to open it.

  • In Google Sheets, click Extensions → Supermetrics → Manage queries.
    You can also click Manage queries on the Home tab in the Supermetrics sidebar.
  • In Excel, right-click on a tab, click Unhide..., and select SupermetricsQueries.

The tab will remain visible in a spreadsheet after you open it for the first time.

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