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How to fix "No data" in Looker Studio scorecards for Facebook Ads

Following its iOS 14 update in 2021, Facebook Ads can’t aggregate results for campaigns with multiple conversion windows.

As a result, scorecards in Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio) may return as a blank value for these campaigns.

This is expected, as the Facebook Graph API doesn't allow offsite conversion aggregation across different attribution windows. When unified attribution is enabled in Supermetrics, it matches the Ad Manager UI.


To work around this, you can:

  • Split the conversions by campaign, ad set, or ad dimensions in a table chart. This ensures that correct data returns per campaign, ad set, or ad for their attribution window. 
  • If you continue using a scorecard, use a conversion window other than Default attribution, or disable unified attribution. Be aware that either of these steps might introduce other discrepancies, so it's important to think about them carefully.
  • Make sure that your Report Time of Action stats is set to On Conversion Date.

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