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Twitter Premium: Setting up Twitter developer account

As previously communicated, our Twitter data source connectors are going through major changes in May.

The Twitter Premium data source connector remains available, but due to Twitter policy changes, it's required that our customers purchase an additional Twitter Enterprise API subscription from Twitter directly. The required subscription starts from 42,000 USD per month. 

The change to Twitter Premium will come into effect on May 31, 2023. You can take steps now to set up your own Twitter Enterprise API subscription so you can switch over on May 31 and keep existing queries running. Otherwise, queries will stop working.

Alternatively, you can switch to using the Twitter Organic connector. This will require you to recreate your queries using the new connector, but this does not require any additional API subscriptions from Twitter. See this article for more details about the new Twitter Organic data source connector.

What is required

You'll need the following items on May 31 to successfully log in to and use the Supermetrics Twitter Premium data source:

  • A Twitter developer account
  • A valid subscription to Twitter's Enterprise API access (starting from 42,000 USD a month)
  • A live Twitter application (app) tied to your developer account
  • The API client ID and secret for that app so you can log in to Supermetrics
  • A Twitter Premium license for Supermetrics, with Historical Tweets report feature enabled

This article instructs you on how to get set up with the required items. We can also assist you with the process of obtaining and setting up the Twitter Enterprise API. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or to our support team.


Step 1: Create Twitter developer account

If you don't have one already, the first step is to create the developer account that will be linked to your Twitter Enterprise subscription and your app that will be used by the data source.

  1. Go to Twitter Developer Platform.
  2. Log in with the Twitter profile you want to have your Enterprise API subscription attached to.
    This should automatically create a developer account for your profile.
  3. If you check your Twitter Developer Portal dashboard now, you should have a project and an app with the Free tier.

Now you're ready to set up Enterprise API access!

Step 2: Get Enterprise API access to Twitter

Once you have your developer account, you can start the process of subscribing to Twitter's Enterprise API access. This level of API access starts at 42,000 USD, with larger packages costing more.

  1. First, fill in the Twitter Enterprise API Interest Form.
  2. Once that's complete, a Twitter account manager or sales representative will reach out to you to continue the process.
Note that it may take some time to complete the sales process and have your app enabled to use the Enterprise API.
Step 3: Get your API keys

Once your Enterprise subscription is activated, you can configure your app and gather the API keys needed to log in later.

  1. Go back to your Twitter developer portal.
  2. You should see at least one project and one project app. This project should be under "Elevated" to show it has Enterprise API access.
  3. On the project app, click the cog-icon to open the app settings.

  4. Under User authentication settings, click Edit.
  5. Set App permissions to "Read".
  6. Leave Type of App unchecked.
  7. Under App info:
    1. Set the Callback URI / Redirect URL to
    2. Set Website URL to your own website.
    3. Set the Organization name to your own company name.
    4. The rest are optional and can be skipped if you wish.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Back on the Settings page, go to the Keys and tokens tab.
  10. Under the Consume Keys section, click Regenerate.
  11. You'll get a popup with your API key and API key secret. Copy them for later use — these two values are needed to log in to the Twitter Premium data source.

Store the API key and API key secret securely

Treat the API key and API key secret like a username and password. Save them securely, such as in a password vault, in case you need to reconnect later. This information is only shown once — if you lose them, you'll need to regenerate them and log in to the data source again with the new keys.

With your API key and API key secret saved, you're now ready to log in to the data source on May 31, when the changes take place!

Actions to take on May 31 to keep queries running

When the changes are live on May 31, you'll need to take the following steps to ensure your API keys are in our system and keep existing queries running.

  1. Open the data destination of your choice, or go to the data source management page on the Supermetrics Hub
  2. In the Data Source list, pick Twitter Premium.
    If you don't see this option, please contact our support team so we can add you to the whitelist to see the data source.
  3. Click + Add connection.
  4. Fill in the fields — all are required.
    • Client ID: the API key from your Twitter app
    • Client Secret: the API key secret from your Twitter app
  5. Choose to make this connection shared or private.
  6. Click Start.
  7. If the keys are correct, you're asked to log in to the Twitter profile you want to get data for. Enter the credentials for that profile, and click Authorize app.
    Repeat steps 2-7 for additional profiles you want to connect.
  8. Finally, follow the steps here to replace your old Twitter Premium connection to use the new API key login.

Now your existing queries should automatically update to use the API key login!

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