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How to fetch correct time zone data in Klaviyo

By default, Supermetrics requests EET (UTC+2) time zones for Klaviyo queries. Users outside this time zone can see discrepancies with their Klaviyo data if their Klaviyo instance is set to a different time zone and the queries contain time zone data.

To get the correct time zone data, you can either set the time zone in the query settings or automatically set your Klaviyo account time zone.


Set time zone in query settings

In version 3 of the Klaviyo API, you can set a time zone for your queries to make sure the data matches the native Klaviyo UI.

To set the time zone:

  1. Select a Klaviyo query to edit.
  2. In the query settings, go to Options.
  3. Select a time zone to use for the query.

Get automatic account time zone

Version 3 of the Klaviyo API has a new endpoint that allows Supermetrics to get the default time zone for a given account for users with the correct access rights. Users with new API keys created after June 15, 2023, have access to the account's default time zone. Users with API keys created before June 15, 2023, don't have sufficient access for accessing the account time zones. 

To check if you have the right access scope:

  1. Go to Klaviyo and navigate to Settings → Account → API keys
  2. In the Private API keys view, click the arrow to expand the details of a private API key you use with Supermetrics.
    • If the access scope contains "Accounts", the time zone will be fetched automatically.
    • If the "Accounts" scope is missing, create a new API key. It's not possible to update an API key in Klaviyo. Our Klaviyo connection guide tells more about how to create the API key.

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