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Tripadvisor Reviews: Query setup guide

Once you’ve authenticated your connection to Tripadvisor Reviews, you’re ready to create your first query. This guide will walk you through Tripadvisor Reviews query setup for Google Sheets, Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio), and Microsoft Excel.

Before you begin

To connect Supermetrics to Tripadvisor Reviews, you need:

  • Location ID of the venue from which you want to get data.

Your TripAdvisor ID is a numerical ID located in the URL of the TripAdvisor profile page. An easy way to find it is by searching for the ID number after the letter “d” in the TripAdvisor listing URL, see example below:

  • It doesn't require logging into a user account, therefore, no permissions are required for this data source.

Location reviews

Please note that you can fetch up to 50 latest reviews (not more) for your locations.

Available fields

Visit our documentation site for a full list of the metrics and dimensions Supermetrics can pull from the data source. 

  • Field label is the name that appears in the sidebar. 
  • Metrics can be found under type - “met”.
  • Dimensions can be found under type - “dim”.


Google Sheets Looker Studio Excel Data Integrations
  1. Authenticate the data source in Google Sheets. 
  2. Select Metrics
  3. Select Split by Dimensions. You can choose to split your data into rows and/or columns, reflect the number of rows or columns to be fetched, and define how the data is sorted.
  4. Click Get Data to Table to create your query and pull your data.

Advanced options for Google Sheets

  1. You can filter your data by selecting the field, operator, and value to filter by. Learn more about filters.
  2. Under Options, you can add additional features to your query. Learn more about Supermetrics advanced settings in Google Sheets. 


If you see an error about metrics and dimensions not fetching together, or fields being incompatible, follow these steps to fix the issue.

If you see errors relating to quotas, or “daily query quotas”, read this guide.

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