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How to change a license user ID

You can change a license user ID — the Supermetrics user ID assigned to your license — in the Supermetrics Team Site up to 5 times during the license period.

The license period is the entire existence period of your license and the modification count is not reset after each renewal.

Google Sheets, Excel, and Data Studio licenses

Before changing license users IDs, make sure that the new user is added as a team member.

If you bought your Google Sheets license before March 2021, or your Excel license before June 2021, you can only assign the license to one user.

If you bought your license after those dates, you can change license users from the Team Site. The number of license users varies according to the contract, you can check the remaining user seats from the Team Site — see Managing license users in this article for detailed instructions.

If you've run out of user seats and would like to add more to your license, please contact our Sales team to upgrade.

Transferring queries

Changing license users may require query transfers in advance, as each query is linked to a specific Supermetrics user ID.

Google Sheets:

Data Studio:


BigQuery and Supermetrics API licenses

BigQuery and Supermetrics API licenses use the Team membership feature, so you can change the ownership of the license by changing team members and their roles.

The username originally assigned to the license will generally be the initial "owner" of the team (this is needed for initial team setup, so that the account holder can add other users, but they are not assigned to the license directly). There are no BigQuery or API license owners, just Team owners.

After completing the user ID change, we highly recommend you reauthenticate the data sources and refresh the login tokens.

If you can't change the license user ID, please submit a support request.

If you are changing license user ID due to a colleague leaving the company, please also double-check that the credit card linked to the license can be used. If you need to change it, please update the credit card information as well. 

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