License, report and data source transferring for Data Studio

This guide will show all the necessary steps to transfer your Data Studio license and report files to another user, so they can continue to use the reports with minimal interruption. This guide assumes that the current file owner and license holder is still available to assist with the transfer - if they are not, see the Common Issues section for further guidance.

1. Transfer license access

The new license owner should have their Google account added to the Supermetrics team with the Data Studio license as an Owner role – see the standard user ID change instructions. This will both give them the rights to use the Data Studio license(s) itself, as well as give license and team management rights.

If there are issues with following these instructions, see Common Issues below.

2. Data source platform access

Make sure the new owner has access to the data source platforms themselves (rights to see property in Google Analytics, access to Ad Account in Facebook, etc) or can use a general user account, so they can set up the data source connectors under their own accounts.

3. Transfer report and data source file ownership

If the Data Studio report files and data source files are stored on the original owner's private Drive, the files should be moved or copied to the new owner's Drive, or placed in a shared location.

Both file types can be managed with edit rights. However, especially for data source files, it is preferable to have the ownership of the file changed to the new owner's Google account for full rights to manage the file.

How to change ownership of a data source or report file (Data Studio Help):

If you just want to copy the original files, see Copying Data Studio report and data source files.

If you are unable to transfer ownership of the files as the original owner is gone, see Common Issues below.

4. Update data source logins

Once the new account is an editor or owner of the data source files, they can change the logged in accounts to their own so the connections continue to work once the original owner is gone. 

  1. The new owner should follow steps 1-4 of this authentication guide to start the re-authentication process, but in step 4, click the button to Add X user account.
  2. They should then log in with their own account in the data source platform. 
  3. Once the login process is complete, they should return to the user list and click the red REMOVE button next to the original user to delete their login.

If you are unable to change the data source account or cannot access the main configuration page, see Common Issues below.

Once all 4 steps above are complete, all elements of the Data Studio license and reporting should be completely transferred, and you can remove any remaining links to the original owner.

Common Issues

I'm Unable to Transfer the License/Cannot Access Team Management

This often happens when the original Owner account is no longer available to help with the transfer and the new users are "locked out". 

Support can help get you access again. Please submit a new Support Request that includes:

  • The original account ID, so we know which license 
  • Either the buyer email or invoice ID so we can confirm rights to the license
  • And which Google account you want to be given Owner rights to so they can log in and continue the transfer

I'm Unable to Change Ownership of the Files

If the original file owner is no longer available, it may be impossible to transfer the ownership of the files. To work around this follow the directions in this article for how to copy the report files and the data source files: Copying Data Studio report and data source files.

Once the data source files are copied, the new owner can use their own credentials to log in to the data source platform, and then connect the new data source copy to the report copy to re-establish the connection.

I Cannot Access the Data Source Login

In some cases, even if the ownership of the file is transferred, the new user still cannot update the authentication of the data source. In this case, you can copy the data source file (Copying Data Studio Report and Data Source Files) or recreate it as the new owner and attach it to the report.

New Owner Belongs to Multiple Teams/Licenses Everywhere!

If the new owner has their own team before or if the transfers has caused individual connector licenses to be on multiple teams, you can merge the teams together so that there's only one to deal with - all users, licenses, and invoices should then be in one place. See: Merging Teams in Team Management

If the new owner gets "license expired" or "trial expired" errors after the license transfer, their data source files may still be looking to the original team. See Part #2 of this guide for how to address this: Community connector error: You are using the free version of Supermetrics for Data Studio

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