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How to reauthenticate a data warehouse, API, or cloud storage platform

This guide will walk you through how to reauthenticate the user account linked to a data source with BigQuery (marketplace), the Supermetrics API, or data warehouse or cloud storage platforms. 


All destinations: Reconnect the login

  1. Log in to the Supermetrics Hub data source manager with the account you use for Supermetrics. If the site asks you to select a specific team, you'll need to select the one with the products and licenses you want to renew the login for.
  2. Navigate to the data source with the connection you want to renew.
  3. Click the data source to view its details.
  4. Find the connection you want to renew.
  5. Click the reconnect icon (  ) at the end of the row.

Reauthenticate a BigQuery (marketplace), data warehouse, or Supermetrics API connection

BigQuery (marketplace) Data warehouse / cloud storageThe Supermetrics API
  1. Select the transfer you want to reauthenticate from the BigQuery data transfers page.
  2. Click Edit on the top right-hand side.
  3. Scroll down the page and click Change configuration.
  4. Click Add another user.

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