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How to switch to Google Analytics 4 in Ad + Google Analytics Data

This article instructs you how to move your Ad + Google Analytics Data queries from using Google Analytics to using Google Analytics 4.

If you want to create new reports or add Google Analytics 4 -specific charts, you only need to create a new copy of the data source with Google Analytics 4 properties selected and start using it. Note that you can't combine Google Analytics and Google Analytics 4 accounts in the same data source, which is why you need to create a copy.

Take a look at this support article for limitations specific to Google Analytics 4.

These instructions assume that you have not yet created a copy of the Ad + Google Analytics Data connector with Google Analytics 4 accounts. If you already have the data source created with Google Analytics 4, you can skip to step 9 and add the data source to the report and use that.


  1. In an existing report, click Add data.
  2. Under Connect to data, search for the Ad + Google Analytics Data connector from Supermetrics. It should automatically load the configuration page.
  3. Go through and add all the same ad accounts for all the same data sources you had selected in the original report. Set the same settings.
  4. Go to the Google Analytics section and make sure that no views are selected.
    You can't use Google Analytics with Google Analytics 4 in the same data source. You'll get an error if both Google Analytics versions are selected.
  5. Go to the Google Analytics 4 section and select the properties you want to use.
  6. Click Add.
  7. Click Add to report.
  8. Rename the data source so it's easy to tell it apart from the original. 
    1. Go to ResourceManage added data sources.
    2. Find the copy of Ad + Google Analytics Data that has no charts in use. This is the data source you just created.
    3. Click Edit.
    4. Edit the name and click Done.
  9. Go to the chart you want to switch to use the Google Analytics 4 version of the data source.
  10. Click the data source name.
  11. From the list, select the new data source version you added to the report.
  12. Looker Studio should update automatically, and now the chart should be using Google Analytics 4.

Repeat these steps as needed with other charts and reports.

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