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How to avoid exceeding your license's account limits

All Supermetrics licenses support a specific number of data source accounts for each connected data source. These could be ad accounts in Facebook Ads, for example, or views in Google Analytics.

If you’re using more accounts than your subscription supports, you’ll get emails from our team — if your license continues to exceed its account limits, your reporting could be interrupted. You’ll see error messages in Supermetrics, too.

There are a few steps you can take to make sure you’re not exceeding account limits.

Remove unnecessary accounts

Check that you’re using all of the accounts attached to your license. 

Check your license usage to get a full overview of your data source accounts. If you see accounts you’d like to remove, follow these steps:

Check the All accounts setting

If you’re using Google Ads, Google Analytics, or Microsoft Advertising with Google Sheets, your queries will have the All accounts setting enabled by default. This means that every data source account will be included in every query.

Learn how to disable the All accounts setting.

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