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How to fetch Campaign name and Conversion value in Yahoo Native Ads

In Yahoo Native Ads, the Conversion value metric is only in one reporting cube. This means that it can’t be pulled with certain other values, including Campaign name. Read more about this in Yahoo’s documentation.

You can fetch these values together in Supermetrics with Google Sheets and Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio), with a few extra steps.

Google Sheets

In Google Sheets, create 2 separate queries, and use a lookup or reference to create a single combined table.

In the first query, include these fields:

  • Metrics: Conversion Value 
  • Dimensions: Campaign ID, Month

In the second query, include these fields:

  • Metrics: Clicks, Impressions, Conversions 
  • Dimensions: Campaign ID, Campaign Name, Month 

Use vlookup to check the first query’s results for the right month and campaign ID, and return the conversion value as a new column next to the second query.

Looker Studio

To fetch these values together in Looker Studio, follow the steps above for fetching from with Google Sheets. Use Google’s data blending feature, with Campaign ID as a join key. Learn more about data blending in Google’s documentation.

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